CCC Rental Information



Private and Community Events


          $125-Camptonville residents

          $100-Camptonville Community Center members

          10% Of profit not to exceed $100-Local non-profit groups

          No charge for memorial services of Camptonville residents but donations are appreciated

Meetings/Presentations 2-3 hours with minimal kitchen use


          $30-Camptonville residents

          $25-Camptonville Community Center members

          No charge for local non-profits but donations are appreciated*

Ongoing events held weekly, biweekly, or monthly


          $15/hour-non residents

No Rental Charge Category/Suggested Donation*

• Government entities (federal, state and local), groups or individuals for such activities as open informational sessions, meetings, dispensing of services, etc. (including sheltering of evacuees during declared emergencies).

• Memorial services for Camptonville residents.

*Suggested donation for No Charge category in 2016 is $75/day or $37.50/half day.


Minimal Charge Category*

• Local nonprofit organizations, or groups operating on a nonprofit basis, for providing community-wide services open to all local residents.

• Local organizations that support activities for youth including, but not limited to, sports, education, theater, music, art and other wholesome pursuits.

• Fundraising activities conducted for the benefit of local organizations and local residents who have come under economic stress arising out of illness, injury or catastrophic economic loss.


All fees include: toilet paper, paper towels, coffee filters and all cleaning products, as well as the tables and chairs currently available in the facility. Renters will provide: all food and drink, including sweeteners, creamers, and condiments, as well as table cloths, decorations, and any additional tables and chairs that may be needed. Washable dishes, etc. will be included with rental but must be washed, dried and put away before leaving. The Center does not provide disposable plates, cups, cutlery or napkins.


Set Up

Renters will be responsible for setting up chairs and tables and any additional preparation that will be needed for their event.



Renters will be responsible for cleaning up in accordance with the posted instructions, including floors and bathrooms, wiping down the kitchen, and removing their own trash. A cleaning check-off list will be provided to renters at rental signing and a copy will be posted in the kitchen.




Local is defined as those persons within the boundaries of the Camptonville Community Services District, and in the case of organization, group, or club, one in which a significant number of members reside in said District.


Our appreciation to the Dobbins Oregon House Improvement Foundation