Our Accomplishments

In 1995, Camptonville residents started holding regular Town Hall Meetings to decide what would make Camptonville a better place to live. At every meeting, people said “having a Community Center, a place to connect" was a top priority.

In 2015, the local Masonic organization donated their lodge building, built in 1949, to the Camptonville Community Service District for use as a community center and local history museum. The building was in very poor condition and due to its age was in desperate need of repairs and renovation. In 2016 – 2017, 1200 hours of volunteer labor and $15,000 in local donations have repaired the major problems which allowed some usage of the building by the community. Yet, much more needs to done.

The Camptonville Community Center is the hub that brings people together with activities in arts and crafts, education, recreation, and for public or private community gatherings. If needed, it can be used as an Emergency Shelter during wildfires and other disasters.  

Currently, the Community Center hosts a Saturday morning coffee gathering, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, a seasonal gardeners’ market, the annual Pancake Breakfast/Easter Egg Hunt, and the Sri Moonshine Music Series.

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